Datasym’s Crossmatch Biometrics Interface In Final Testing

Datasym is pleased to confirm that our interface to the leading biometrics supplier to POS, Crossmatch, has been completed and is in final testing before being available to our existing and new clients.

Datasym has supported biometrics for cashier sign on and customer identification for many years, being one of the first mainstream POS to support its use via the U.are.U USB readers.  Technology has progressed and now we find that rather than stand alone USB connected readers, many POS systems have the option to have a biometric reader as part of the POS terminal.

We are therefore excited to confirm the inclusion of support for Crossmatch (who also manufacture the digital persona U.are.U readers) within our DPOS SQL touchscreen POS software.  Unlike our previous biometrics provider, Crossmatch do not have a licence requirement and therefore anyone with an existing reader or looking to purchase biometrics in the future can do so without any additional cost other than the hardware itself.  This also means that if you need to replace your reader should it get damaged, the admin issues relating to obtaining replacement licences are a thing of the past.  Our Crossmatch integration supports both optical and capacitive readers which should mean we have you covered whichever POS hardware you use.

For more information on the Crossmatch integration available imminently, please contact your Datasym reseller or Datasym directly on 0844 870 9206 or email