Owned by LiveNation, 3Arena (formerly The O2 Dublin and the largest custom-built events venue in Europe) needed to replace an existing 100 EPROM till solution current- ly batch communicating back to a central PC within the venue. Existing solution was found to be time consuming to update and with unreliable communications would take many hours at the end of an event to cash up.

The new solution needed to address these issues, have the potential to interface to an industrial cash counter, be able to fit into the VIP areas to include membership allowances and most importantly was to be able to be modified to work well with casual staff as during an event, 90% of staff on the premises were temporary.

“The implementation process, training and data set up was meticulous in its delivery and the subsequent support we receive on an ongoing basis is excellent. The Datasym solution continues to fulfil our requirements and evolves with our business needs and as a robust solution it has greatly help the overall business to improve our customer experience and financial targets. The solution has subsequently been rolled out to several other sister venues within the company, a clear indication of its success. We look forward to continued partnership with the Datasym team.”

Brian Mathieson
Retail Manager, The 3Arena

3Arena Datasym case study

3Arena wanted direct contact with a software company to ensure they were able to request custom modifications. After a site visit to appreciate the processes, risks and issues of the existing tills, Datasym looked into designing specific customisations to ensure the solution was a perfect fit and replacement.

The Datasym solution as standard would address the two biggest issues being comms reliability and reducing the time after an event to reach a cash up position. Datasym’s real-time sales means that sales are sent as they are registered on the POS directly to the back office PC’s located within the main office onsite at the venue. All 101 POS terminals plus the back office PC’s were all linked to a central server also located onsite. At the same time, integrated EFT was installed across the venue which saw the adaption of contactless payments into the venue.

Live Nations IT department needed to approve the solution to work upon Live Nations infrastructure as well as use of the WiFi across the venue which would be used for the Android based Order Pads within the VIP restaurants. Therefore, when the doors were finally locked after the last customer left the venue, a cash up figure was already available. This together with the ease of use of the POS terminals and back office meant that from the very first event, time savings and efficiencies were enormous.

As an events business, not only did the POS need to be reliable, but the throughput and reliability based on high volumes of transactions in short bursts was essential. The Datasym solution has seen all of the trading records exceeded with no issues whatsoever based around volumes. Key to the success of the bid was Datasym’s flexibility on its approach to maintaining the supplied new POS hardware.

Acknowledging that repairing POS hardware mid event was an impossibility, additional hardware was supplied to be used on a swap out basis in the event of issues with hardware then being repaired if required on an RTB basis. This extended large saving for the client over other vendors looking to push expensive multi-year onsite maintenance contracts onto the client.

Rear display applications were developed to run on the rear customer screens long before this became main stream. Content was able to be pushed from the main office to all of the 101 POS across all areas within the venue. An additional option was created to allow the screens to be blanked whilst artists were performing to ensure they didn’t cause a distraction with the rear screens illuminating in venue spanning rows and across multiple floors, all in the eyesight of the performers.

3Arena Datasym case study

Developments were made to ensure that trans- actions on VIP tables were visible on standard sales views during events where as before this modification tables had to be finalised before sales could be seen.

Handling of temporary staff was also handled via 3Arena approved custom modifications. Datasym looked to utilise biometrics at various areas within the venue. Staff arriving onsite pre event that had not worked there previously would be taken to a registration terminal which would take there details and record there fingerprints onto the system.

This would then be used to clock them into the venue (a report produced at the end to confirm hours worked and therefore be used to assist with payroll) and then a biometrics sensor was also linked to one POS terminal per area across the venue. As the staff member arrived at the requested area to begin work, they would clock themselves into that area using fingerprints. They were then added onto the POS via a named button. The button allowed them to sign onto the POS with limited privileges, allows for multiple people to use the same POS and allows for the quickest possible sign on whilst still maintaining security.

In the event that refunds, voids or no sales etc. were needed, a dallas (iButton reader) on every POS was used with a further custom development allowing the manager at each area to override and provide authorisation with a very quick blip of the dallas key if needed. The combination of biometrics, push button sign on and dallas manager override provides the best possible combination of transaction speed, security and flexibility. If a staff member needed to be sent to another area, they would go straight there, clock on with fingerprints and at this point there button would be automatically removed from the previous location. They were now free to work in the new area.

As part of the transfer from the legacy system to the Datasym solution, already trading memberships needed to be transferred. As a signed up VIP, you are entitled to a spend limit up to a certain value to use within the membership year.

Datasym created an interface whereby member details together with current available spend limit was transferred to the Datasym solution.

Originally installed in 2012 within The 02 Dublin, Datasym has recently completed an upgrade of hardware to latest Flytech 350 terminals across the entire venue, now branded as The 3Arena. Datasym continues to work closely with 3Arena, tailoring the software as needed whilst maintaining its reliabiliby and robustness throughout. With a move to a ‘technology venue’ in the coming months and years, Datasym’s current set of solutions such as kiosks, mobile applications and pre-ordering solutions are all available to work within the solution already provided. The Datasym solution has proved itself to be a truly flexible, versatile, evolving and robust solution which 3Arena will continue to move forwards with in coming year.

Other local venues including Bord Gais Energy Theatre and Gaiety Theatres have also had the Datasym solution installed following recommendations and excellent feedback from The 3Arena on how the system works for them.

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