With pressures on catering departments within the NHS to provide a nutritious meal at a time when people need it the most and under very tight budgets, Datasym’s expertise provides seamless and intuitive solutions to these specific NHS challenges.

We drive the highest standards of portion control and stock control to reduce wastage to acceptable levels.

Healthy eating is vital when people are in hospital and Datasym takes our experience and skills and combines it with a multitude of other services designed to reduce concerns for patients and help staff focus on them. This is why we are not just a success within the NHS but also within the private sector.

We understand that when people are ill or require surgery their tastes may change rapidly, so our system enables them to order meals just hours before eating them. This increases their sense of wellbeing during their stay and considerably reduces food waste.

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Our Menumark system ensures that the correct quantities of ingredients are used to reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction by bringing consistency in quality and price. Our systems evolve with the fast pace of technology and Menumate works with handheld ordering devices.

In addition to our patient feeding solution, we are able to provide systems to cover staff and visitor meals via our fully integrated POS solution.

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