Orderpad improves efficiency and
increases customer satisfaction

The mobile application replaces the traditional notepad and instead allows the waiter / waitress to enter new or add to existing orders on tables within the Datasym POS solution. Text can be added to personalise selections as well as the use of pop ups to cover cooking instructions or add-ons e.g. well done, rare, or chips, jacket potato. Fractional counts are also supported meaning half pints, large portions etc. are created automatically as an additional line on the Orderpad. The order can be reviewed and added to until correct and then submitted to the system via a send button.

The live tables are then updated and kitchen prints produced via the WiFi connectivity linking the Orderpad into the Datasym POS system as if it was another standard POS terminal.

Orderpad from Datasym can easily be added to existing DPOS SQL systems with minimal data maintenance required and is able to finalise transactions to multiple methods of payments.

Datasym Orderpad


  • Improved efficiency during the taking of orders increases customer satisfaction
  • No requirement to manually enter handwritten orders into a waiter station POS terminal reducing the risk of errors.
  • Live search allows you to easily find the item required without the need to scroll through lists.
  • Pop up support provides upselling prompts
  • Seamless integration with Datasym POS software via Wi-Fi
  • Compatible with tablet and smartphone format hardware
  • Custom notes supported e.g. no peas, extra mushrooms etc.
  • Table order reviewable at any time whether created via Orderpad or added via the POS terminal
  • Supports kitchen printing and kitchen video monitoring systems
  • Waiter / Waitress sign on to identify transactions against a specific user
  • No requirement for external management application, everything is controlled via Datasym’s back office software Stockade SQL.
  • Live polling to POS table file ensures everything is up to date whenever a table is opened.


Restaurant Benefits:

  • Improved accuracy by capturing order details once, no re-entering into POS.
  • Faster communication to kitchen and bar staff who receive orders direct from table.
  • Increase table turns by reducing order to kitchen to table times.
    Option for staff to use their own smartphones, thereby reducing hardware costs.
  • Reduces wastage by ensuring orders are correct first time.
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to reduced waiting times and correct fulfilment of orders.
  • An improved customer experience leading to repeat business and recommendations

Customer Benefits:

  • Waiters have more time to attend to customers due to more efficient order processing.
  • Improved accuracy reduces incorrect or incomplete orders.
  • Improves communication between waiting staff and the kitchen.
  • Eliminates delays, waiting times and awkward reorders.
  • Supports latest allergen legislation which allows allergen information per product created in the back office to be displayed within the Orderpad software at the customers table.

Staff Benefits:

  • Reduce constant back and forth to POS just to enter table orders.
  • Improved accuracy and more time to focus on customer needs often increase tip value.
  • Orderpad slips conveniently into a pocket, always at hand but never in the way.
  • Prompts and menu notes give staff confidence to address customer queries.
  • Kitchen and bar staff receives orders for processing in a timelier manner.
  • Personalises the relationship between waiting staff and your customers.
  • Eliminates confusion during the order process.

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