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Experts in fully managed and multi-site businesses

The Datasym solution has been proven perfect for a franchise model business looking to implement a POS solution. With over 10 years working within a leading UK coffee franchise, our overall offering has been improved to encompass services as well as the software and hardware solutions themselves.

Centralised control is key within a franchise model but also freedom for the franchisee to feel that they are able to fully utilise the POS and back office solution that they have had to purchase as part of the franchise offering.

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Giving you the freedom your franchise needs to flourish

The Datasym solution is capable of being run with a centralised hosted head office dataset encompassing all products and pricing across every franchisee. Freedom exists to allow differing products and pricing between franchises which could be dictated for example by geographic location or type of store / site.

Data is entered once and communicated to all sites and POS terminals. Datasym’s hosting services take away the need to have in house technology experts covering server technologies, data backups etc, ensuring you have piece of mind and a fixed cost of operation.

In addition to the standard client back office solution which encompasses full multi-site stock control, maintenance and reporting, Datasym also offers an exciting web based client able to be run on most web browsers whether this be on a desktop in the office, a laptop as you travel between sites or even your mobile phone as you are on the go.

As well as maintenance tasks, Datasym’s back office web application also has powerful dashboard’s showing a live snapshot based on real-time communications. Complimenting the dashboards are powerful web based reports which are able to be scheduled and be delivered to your inbox at a given time and day.

Datasym is able to add real value to a solution prospect by offering data bureau and KPI reporting services meaning Datasym really does cater to all your requirements and helps enhance the franchise proposition.

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