Contact-Free delivery and collection options for your customers

Delivery & Collection Module

In today’s current climate more and more businesses are offering no contact ordering for delivery and collection. Datasym’s delivery and collection module offers various additional options to suit your business and help your business grow and succeed.

Our solution is suitable for lots of markets, including fast food, coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, food retail, florists and many more.

Datasym Delivery & Collection Module

Our traditional Delivery & Collection module option runs on the POS and is an additional module licence with DPOS SQL software. Customers will call in for collection or delivery option – the staff member will go into the delivery or collection screen, and input the order with required times for collection or delivery; the order then prints out on kitchen printer or is available to view on kitchen video monitor screen for the order to be prepared. The status of the order can be seen and delivery orders can be passed to drivers together with addresses and payment handling.

Caller ID and Postcode recognition options are available via 3rd party (purchased separately) and are relevant to businesses processing orders through the POS and not one of the add on’s below.

Caller ID

Allows the POS to read the telephone number of the current caller and automatically retrieve details if the customer is already known. This avoids the
need to re-enter address details for any delivery orders.

Postcode Recognition

Allows for easy entry of addresses after typing the full post code of the customer. This can then be easily stored for future retrieval making it the perfect partner to the Caller ID module.

Benefits include:

• Streamlined and efficient way to serve customers
• Central location for orders
• Assign drivers to orders
• Notification of orders received
• Notification of orders in process

Add On’s Once you have the delivery and collection module you can choose to purchase add on’s such as:

1. Ordering via own branded App (supplied by 3rd party suppliers)

This is a bespoke branded app specifically designed for you as a business. The custom app is available via Android, IOS or via a website. The app has ability to be branded in same corporate colours and logo’s as your business, can include colour photos you have provided and offers pop ups, meal deal and promotion options like the POS but is separate from the POS. Customer orders meal via app (downloaded from app store) where payments are prepaid or pay in store and once order is complete it is then sent to delivery or collection screen for processing based on the time the customer requested. The solution can accept future orders and you can limit to specific days. The option is linked via the till.

This option has a number of benefits:

  • Builds brand engagement
  • Separate from the POS so can have different pricing and promotions to engage with audience
  • Pre Payment for orders – avoids wastage
  • Account Login for customer retention
  • Consistent customer journey
  • Order Slots – This is to manage the number of orders based around the capacity of the kitchen
  • Can configure future orders to show on processing screen when you want to see them.

2. Ordering via 3rd party apps including Deliveroo, UberEats, Just Eat & Deliverect

This solution is available via Datasym’s delivery cloud hub which talks to the 3rd party delivery services such as Deliveroo, UberEats, Just Eat and Deliverect, the order is then sent down to the POS for processing.

The advantage of deliverect is that you can have multiple 3rd party delivery services at the same time all fed into the delivery collection module. You also have the option to switch off 3rd party app orders should you be busy onsite.

Benefits include:

  • Established well known 3rd party app
  • Most people have one of these 3rd party apps installed
  • Delivers customers to your business
  • One place for everything – removes need to multiple local tablets for 3rd party apps for orders onsite.

3. Order and Pay @ Table

This additional option allows the customer to order food or drink to be delivered direct to their table. Customer orders meal and drinks via 3rd party app, then the order passed to the POS where there is dedicated screen for table orders and the order is then processed normally with meal and drinks being delivered to customers table.

Benefits include:

  • Allows social distancing
  • Orders can be pre-paid to avoid theft

All the above options have the ability to link to Kitchen printers or Kitchen Video Solutions – such as Datasym’s KVS System; it shows which channel the order has been received through e.g. UberEats or POS. For more information or a demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us.

So get in touch today.

We don’t just show you how to buy from us, our consultants will work with you to ensure that the solution fits your business, rather than asking your business to fit an ‘off-the-shelf’ system.