Electronic Meal Ordering gets
personal with Menumate

Less time, less waste, less cost!

Menumate is Datasym’s Electronic Meal Ordering solution for residents and patients which integrates seamlessly with Datasym’s Menumark Catering solution.

Datasym’s Menumate software is multi-platform; you now have options of iPad, Windows Tablet, Bring your own device or Bedside entertainment systems to take electronic meal ordering even further. Electronic meal ordering incorporates all of the Menumark features and presents patients with an easy to use menu selection process on their screen, with alerts for the latest menu and time to order.

Menumate on a handheld device includes easy to use navigation and is driven by the staff at bedside for meal orders. Once completed, choices are submitted directly and instantly to the catering department for fulfilment.

Menumate; a revolution in patient-led electronic meal ordering.

*Nutritional information for demo purposes only ordering.

Menumate: Major Functions, Benefits & Features

iPad / Windows

Datasym’s electronic meal ordering solution is available on Windows RT platform as well as iPad, allowing more flexibility not only for patients bringing the meal ordering window closer, but for catering managers it reduces waste at ward level by offering patients more choice at meal times. There is also a nutritional element, picture and description of each meal to aid the HCA when taking orders.

Benefits include:

• No costly charges for menu changes
• Reduces time between patients ordering and meal service
• Nutritional information available for hostesses
• Picture available to aid patients when making meal choices
• Allergen Information available for each dish
• Lengthy description for each dish to help patients and staff
• New Patient orders reduced
• Reduction on bulk waste

Bring You Own Device

Bring your own device (BYOD) is our new meal ordering platform, this latest product allows patients to log into their own secure portal to order meals on their own device.

Additional benefits:

• No Costs for Hardware
• Reduction in staff hours collating menus
• Longer window for ordering
• Patient satisfaction
• Reduces printed menu costs


If you have bedside entertainment terminals, then Datasym’s Menumate software combined with bedside entertainment console takes electronic meal ordering even further by allowing patients to order their own meals from their bed.

We will help you find the electronic meal ordering solution to fit your business and offer a number of finance options. Talk to us for more information.

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