Royal Bournemouth Hospital Increases Revenue with Chip & PIN

Terry Reeves, Catering Manager at Royal Bournemouth Hospital has confirmed that since installing YesPay Chip & PIN terminals supplied by Datasym they have seen a direct increase in revenue of around £500 per week in the restaurant.

Royal Bournemouth Hospital has always looked to the forefront of any technologies that Datasym has worked with and were keen to implement integrated Chip & PIN terminals linked to Datasym’s Toshiba based EPOS terminals. Terry had long since acknowledged that if potential customers need to find a cashpoint ahead of making purchases in the restaurant, then a high percentage of potential customers are going to be presented with opportunities to spend their cash elsewhere. This has been proved by the introduction of Chip & PIN and has been embraced by customers that are now presented with a fast and convenient way to purchase from the restaurant without being limited to the cash in their pockets. Terry is now considering Chip & PIN in other areas of the hospital.

Datasym is able to supply integrated Chip & PIN from both YesPay and Commidea, two leading Chip & PIN suppliers in the UK. Integration obtains card authorisations via existing broadband connections so there is no requirement for expensive phone lines which was always a problem in the past. Integration also reduces the risk of fraud when using credit cards as it guarantees a traceable audit given that the transaction value is passed directly from the POS into the PIN pad. Both YesPay and Commidea are fully approved solutions with PCI compliance. No credit card information is held within the Menumark or EPOS systems.

If you already have EPOS running in your restaurants from Datasym or you are interested in installing touchscreens to allow you to take advantage of realtime comms, Chip & PIN, loyalty and cashless routines, please contact Datasym directly and we will be happy to discuss how our solutions can increase revenues in your department.