Orderpad for Android Now Available

Datasym launches it’s own Android based Order Pad to work seamlessly with its DPOS SQL touch screen software for restaurants.

Driven directly from Datasym’s Stockade SQL back office software, Order Pad by Datasym has no requirement for specific data creation instead taking the product file and pricing directly from the same information that the EPOS terminals would use. Communications are in realtime with the EPOS system meaning that items can be sold via the Order Pad or via an EPOS terminal and the live table file always remains in sync. As a further enhancement Datasym has added a finalise to room option for when Order Pad is used in a hotel environment along with the fully integrated Welcome24 solution by Welcome.

Order Pad by Datasym can be downloaded via the Google Play Store. Licencing is based on the maximum number of connected devices at any one time rather than licencing individual Order Pad terminals. This means you could utilise as many devices as you require (e.g. your staff’s Android phones!) but only need to pay for the number of Order Pads that will b used at any one time.

For further information contact your reseller or Datasym on 0844 870 9206 or email sales@datasym.co.uk