Did you know that you can use your Datasym POS solution to record and display Allergen information?

If you use Stockade SQL and DPOS SQL from Datasym, a recent change (2.51 onwards) allows you to add an additional ‘Allergens’ tab within your Stockade back office and set whether the product in question displays Yes, No or Trace to the standard allergens.

To enable this option, go into Tools, System, POS, Hospitality and ensure that ‘Hospitality Options’ is ticked (this displays the additional Allergens tab when you edit a product).

If you use full recipe’s in Stockade, allergens are inherited based on the allergens of the ingredients.

In addition to allergens, you can also add an image and nutritional information. The image and allergen information can also be seen on our Order Pad Android based application which is useful should you be asked any questions as you are taking orders at the table.

If you have any questions, contact your reseller or Datasym for further information.