Datasym N3 Accreditation Update

Datasym is continuing to work hard on obtaining our N3 accreditation which will then allow us to use the NHS N3 network to assist in the support of our clients.

As you may be aware, the process of obtaining N3 accreditation is unfortunately a long one. The process has strict milestones that need to be achieved all of which need a prior pre-requisite to be completed before it can be progressed. Many of these processes have to sit in a queue with part of the N3 administration and we have found that it takes months for submissions at each stage to be reviewed.

We are pleased to confirm that Datasym’s Information Governance Toolkit has been submitted and we are hopeful that Datasym will be allowed to send the necessary forms to our clients to obtain the required IP addresses for registration in the very near future. If we could ask our NHS clients to complete and return these forms without delay it will allow us to begin support using the NHS N3 network at the earliest possible time.

Datasym’s progress into N3 accreditation confirms our continued commitment to the NHS and we look forward to fully utilising this service in the near future.

For information on Datasym’s solutions for the NHS and our extensive support options, please email or telephone 0844 870 9206