DPOS SQL Link to Evigilo CCTV from Arnel Now Available!

Datasym has interfaced its DPOS SQL touch screen front end software to the powerful CCTV Evigilo system from Arnel Ltd.

Providing the ability to overlay realtime till transactions including key security transaction types such as item corrects, voids and refunds, the link to Evigilo provides clients using the DPOS SQL solution from Datasym with an incredibly powerful system for use in identifying unwanted losses through the till system. The phase 1 interface overlays the electronic audit information over the top of the CCTV camera images with powerful search routines within the Evigilo solution allowing you to fast forward through the recordings to find specific transactions and events. Phase 2 of the interface is due to include the ability from within DPOS SQL to call up images from the Evigilo system onto the DPOS SQL audit review screen matching the currently displayed transaction to the timecode within the CCTV recording.

For further information email sales@datasym.co.uk or call us on 0844 870 9206. Detailed information on the Evigilo solution can be seen at www.arnel.co.uk