Datasym BPM – Reports Delivered To Your Inbox Automatically

Datasym’s BPM (Business Process Module) for Stockade SQL and Menumark SQL provides the ability to automatically distribute reports to key personnel within your business.

If you have personnel moving between sites or maybe you just wish to see key information viewable on your mobile phone daily then the BPM module for Stockade SQL and Menumark SQL from Datasym allows you to do just that. You are able to select reports and add email recipients, select to have the report converted into PDF format and that you want it to be daily at 6a.m., weekly, every Thursday etc. BPM then works in the background to generate the reports for you according to the schedules you have created and emails them to the required recipients. There is no more need to have to load up Stockade or Menumark just to see the information you rely on daily. In addition to report scheduling, BPM allows you to create alerts and have them either sent to you via SMS (SMS bundle required) or sent in the form of an email alert. An example of an alert would be to notify you if a cashier performs more than 5 nosales in a single trading day which could indicate some wrong doing. Datasym provides a consultancy service to review your key business requirements and ascertain alerts that will provide added value.

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