Datasym Launches New Web Based Realtime Sales Dashboard

Datasym is pleased to announce the launch of its new web based dashboard available to all existing clients using Stockade SQL or Stockade Lite (version 2.32 or above is required).

Datasym has been able to provide its users with access to realtime sales data online within a self contained application for sometime but has today launched the beta of a rewritten version which will form the basis for exciting upcoming dashboard style information available via the web. The Stockade Web App is available to all users of Stockade SQL or Stockade Lite that have data that is accessible from outside and are using version 2.32 or above (the upgrade to 2.32 is available free of charge to existing contract holders, contact your reseller for further information). Simply enter your connection details into the web app that you would use to login to your Stockade system remotely and you will be able to see realtime sales as if you were running the module from your standard desktop Stockade client. Datasym would like to receive your feedback on the web app and also additional information and routines that you would like to see made available via this web portal. To see the web app in action enter your connection details at

Please send feedback or any questions to