Datasym & Hospedia launch new Electronic Meal Ordering service

Datasym is proud to announce the release of its exciting new electronic meal ordering service that provides the ability for patients to place meal orders directly from the Hospedia bedside entertainment terminals, revolutionising the way in which meal ordering is approached within the NHS.

First to market with handheld terminal based meal ordering and first to utilise tablet PCs, Datasym has now joined forces with Hospedia to provide yet another market first by providing the ability to capture patient meal orders on Hospedia bedside entertainment terminals. With this latest development, Datasym is due to revolutionise patient feeding within the NHS yet again and continues to raise the bar.

The service allows patients to be alerted to the latest menu and time to order, and then presents them with an easy to use menu selection process – submitted directly and instantly to the catering department for fulfilment.

Whilst the vast majority of patients order their own food today, the Hospedia system recognises there are those who sometimes can’t and therefore also contains an easy to use admin tool for staff to order on behalf of a patient if required.

Currently being trialled at Royal Bournemouth Hospital on Hospedia T3 terminals and due to go live at Derriford Hospital on T2D terminals in April, interest in the new Datasym and Hospedia Electronic Meal Service is high.

Contact your Datasym Account Manager or email further information on this exciting new service.