Resdiary Posts Datasym / Resdiary Integration Video Created By WRS

Resdiary have posted an excellent illustrated video created by our reseller WRS, demonstrating the advantages of using the Datasym and Resdiary integration in your restaurant.

Available for some time now, the Datasym Resdiary integration forms a key solution for WRS as they speak to existing and potential restaurant customers.  Resdiary is an online restaurant table booking solution with built in CRM and table management and works seamlessly with Datasym’s DPOS SQL solution.  Sales are passed back to ResDiary ensuring all analytics are kept up to date.  The solution can be run in diary controlled mode (Resdiary opens all tables) or at the change of a config setting, tables can be opened from ResDiary or from within the POS, whichever is most convenient at that particular time.

Why not pop across to Resdiary’s website to see more about the interface and take the time to browse the site in general.  All clients of WRS use Datasym solutions so every Success Story and article relates directly to the Datasym solution.  Click here to watch the video or here to go to WRS’s website.