Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey Upgrade to Menumark SQL

Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey has chosen to upgrade Menumark for Windows to the latest Menumark SQL application.

As part of the ongoing support contract that has been in place at Princess Elizabeth Hospital Guernsey since its first introduction many years ago, Datasym has visited the site and upgrade to the latest Menumark SQL application. The upgrade will benefit the hospital by providing latest Cook Chill, Stock Control and Recipe Planning routines. All this was provided at no cost to the hospital for the upgraded software. However the hospital did choose to maximise the advantage of the new routines and purchased training to be provided at the same time as the upgrade was implemented.

For further details on upgrading your system to the latest Menumark SQL or to enquire about additional modules that may be useful to you, email or call us on 0844 870 9206