Fully Integrated Web Shops By Coalface

Datasym’s technology partner Coalface are continuing to link Datasym’s clients back office solution seamlessly with their web shop ensuring consistency between the POS back office and the web presence.

Coalface are a company specialising in creating exciting websites and have been linking these to Datasym’s Stockade SQL back office software for multiple clients. As clients of Independant Equipment based in Leeds, Bronte Museum and Yorkshire Sculpture Park were both looking for a combined solution between web and physical store to ensure consistency of product and stock across both platforms. In the past, it would be common place to need to control an entirely different system to control a web shop and therefore have to monitor two separate stock pools. With the seamless integration provided by Coalface, the product file is created within Datasym’s Stockade back office solution and the integration pulls the products into the website. Sales go in the reverse direction with a POS Location created within Stockade to report on the web sales. Stock can either come from a stock pool dedicated to the web, or the web POS location can feed from an existing shop or warehouse stock location.

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Independant Equipment
Bronte Museum
Yorkshire Sculpture Park