Datasym’s DPOS SQL Accredited With Zapper’s Pay at Table Mobile App

Datasym is pleased to announce that our DPOS SQL touch screen POS software has now been accredited wiith Zapper’s exciting pay at table mobile solution meaning yet more choice and flexibility when it comes to offering payment options to your customers.

So how does it work?

Zapper’s light-touch solution fits seamlessly into your existing POS system. A Zapper QR code gets added to your paper bill. Your customers can then Scan, Pay and Go!

Both you and your customer get notified instantly of payment success and they are free to leave.

If required, Zapper can allow customers to leave a tip for service. There is also a handy feature to make splitting the bill quick and simple.

The benefits of Zapper do not end when the customers leave. Zapper’s merchant portal and CRM provides useful analytics and can be used to drive further custom.

For more information, contact Datasym on 0844 8709206 or email

You can also visit the Zapper website by clicking here.