Datasym Receives Accreditation with ResDiary Online Reservation System

Datasym is pleased to confirm that it has now completed accreditation with the online bookings and reservation system ResDiary.

Datasym’s very latest DPOS SQL touchscreen front end is now able to be controlled by the ResDiary reservation system. Using the method of diary based seating, all bookings and table seating is controlled by ResDiary. As a booking arrives and they are seated on the ResDiary website, the seamless integration opens the relevant table within DPOS SQL and applies any deposit values that may have been associated with the booking. The table then trades through DPOS SQL but with all sales information being relayed back to ResDiary. It is then easy to see on the ResDiary seating plan exactly what stage the table is at e.g. Starters, Main Course etc. When a table is finalised, this is also passed back to ResDiary and the table becomes available to seat again. Walk ins are also possible.

As part of the integration, Jay Savage (Product Manager for ResDiary) referred to the integration as ‘ absolutely fantastic and ground breaking’ based on the adoption of diary based seating.

For further information on ResDiary call Datasym on 0844 870 9206 or email