Datasym Progressing Through N3 Accreditation

Has your catering software supplier gained N3 accreditation? Have you been informed that they are in the process of obtaining N3 accreditation?

Datasym is pleased to demonstrate its 30 year plus commitment to the NHS yet further by confirming that we are well on the way to obtaining N3 accreditation. You are probably aware that although N3 (The NHS internal intranet) has been in existence for a considerable time, it is only now becoming mandatory for suppliers to the NHS to be N3 accredited with N3 being the ONLY way to provide remote support to desktops running on the NHS network. N3 accreditation should therefore be a key criteria when selecting your catering software. If you would like to check whether your catering software supplier has N3 accreditation or is in the process of obtaining N3 accreditation, please click here and enter the name of your supplier.