Datasym Offers Support To All Users of Menumark During the Ransomware Attack

Datasym’s support services are here to assist ALL users of Menumark whether officially supported or not to help the NHS recover from Friday’s ransomware attack.

Datasym is available to assist our clients in any way possible while the ransomware attack is brought under control. As well as our large number of supported clients we are also aware of a reasonable number of NHS clients using older versions of our Menumark catering package. Due to the very unusual circumstances surrounding the NHS at the moment it is vital that everyone rallies around this critical service that we all trust our lives and the lives of our loved ones to.

On that basis Datasym has taken the decision to extend support to ALL Menumark clients whether officially supported or not. In addition to extending our support services, Datasym would also like to extend our assistance by providing our latest Menumark software FOC to non supported NHS Hospitals that are likely to be without a catering package as XP machines get removed from circulation.

Finally we may have data for non supported clients that we are happy to provide or upgrade to work with our latest software. Our help desk is waiting to assist in anyway possible on 0844 870 9207.

I hope that our approach to this crisis will assist the overloaded IT departments. Datasym is also able to offer assistance to all of our NHS clients via the secure NHS N3 network. Please contact us if we can help in any way.