Datasym adds price level shifts to DPOS SQL Version 2.56

Datasym has added a new type of promotion type that is available in DPOS SQL from Version 2.56 and available free of charge to all Datasym Support Contract Holders.

The new promotion allows you to configure a time together with which days of the week it is to be triggered and in turn will move the standard price level to the desired one. This can be used to cover the ever popular Happy Hour remembering to add a second price shift to put the price level back to standard once the discounted period is over. It may be that you would like to encourage further custom during known quiet times during the week which this new promotion type is excellent for. Another example of Datasym adding value added features that contract holders can benefit from.

If you are a Datasym support contract holder then you can obtain the upgrade to this latest version for free (note that a reseller may charge a fee to apply an update for you).