Hotel guests are always on the move – whether they are with you for a holiday or work they don’t want to be kept waiting at reception, the restaurant, or the bar.

Datasym’s POS system offers exactly the efficiency your customers demand, coupled with the reliability your staff need to enable them to keep customer satisfaction high.

Our POS system will feed directly into the property management system and all the varied aspects that entails including TV billing, phone usage, room service etc. supporting multiple FOLIOS.

"At Welcome, we have been selling hotel management software to the hospitality industry for over thirty years. In our search for a new EPOS partner we were delighted to discover Datasym, who mirrored our unwavering focus on producing quality software which is easy-to-use, ultimately flexible and continuously developing."

Mark Ellis
Sales Director, Welcome Computer Systems

You will have the reassurance that we don’t employ ‘call handlers’, we have technical experts on the end of the phone for when you need us. You also have the knowledge that we can help your POS solution grow as your business grows.

So get in touch today.

POS is what we do – we have been market leaders for more than three decades – so you are safe in the knowledge that we strive to keep pace as technology evolves and offers our clients further opportunities for efficiency.