OSM Ltd installs Datasym solution on Thames Clippers

Datasym’s accredited channel partner OSM Ltd. have been tasked with installing an EPOS solution using Toshiba hardware and Datasym’s DPOS and Stockade SQL software onto all of the Thames Clippers.

With the unique operating constraints that surround both the supporting and facilitating of an EPOS system with a requirement to link back to a centralised stock and reporting back office solution on the Thames Clippers that spend most of the time running up and down the Thames away from any easy comms medium.

OSM Ltd. discussed implementing comms based on USB memory sticks to facilitate the information flow between the clippers and the land based back office. This same mechanism had already been used by Datasym for a period for it’s installation within the restaurants at The Home Office with complete success and this has now been mirrored on the Thames Clippers.

For further information, please contact Datasym for details.