Nobles Hospital Isle of Man Extends Menumark Across Government Catering Business

Nobles Hospital is to provide catering services to other government establishments across the Isle of Man to ensure catering costs are streamlined and the excellent facilities at Nobles Hospital are maximised.

Beginning with POS and Menumark being ordered and installed for an additional government site, Nobles Hospital will be able to see in realtime the sales going through the other government catering establishments ensuring that full information is available to ensure Nobles Hospital can be best placed to serve as the catering hub for the Isle of Man.

AdvanPOS point of sale hardware running Datasym’s latest DPOS SQL will be installed and will allow realtime communications in both directions providing live sales to be viewed as well as historical reporting and comparisons. Datasym’S DPOS SQL also has extensive loyalty and promotional functionality which is an area that can be considered in the future.

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